Buchanan is the common denominator of the Davies families Jersey domiciled business activities. Comprising 3 limited companies entirely owned and managed by the family. There are three main foci:

  • Buchanan Investments Ltd
  • Buchanan Estates Ltd
  • Buchanan Consultants Ltd

Named Buchanan by William Davies, after his Great, Great Grandfather, Moses Buchanan, who formed Thos Buchanan and Co, shipping agents in Glasgow during the late 19th century. The company was at one time resident in Buchanan St. and was a substantial trading house in the second city of the Empire.

The modern embodiment of Buchanan takes its ethos from the same Scottish Victorian virtues: innovation, endeavour and enterprise.

When complete this site will provide a comprehensive insight into our:

  • History and background
  • Values, Ethics and Partners
  • Past experience and previously completed projects
  • Current initiatives and insights
  • Areas and sectors identified for future expansion or development

For each of the sectors in which we operate:

  • Traditional and Alternative Investments
  • Real Estate investment and development
  • Provision of Consulting and Management services

Whilst our website is under construction please email wsdavies@mac.com for further information.